Spectrum Studio Gear List




  • (Studio A)AMEK HENDRIX 40 Channel with

  • (Studio B) TRIDENT 70


  • (Studio A) Pro Tools | HD2 Accel Audio Production System

    (Studio B) Pro Tools | HD1 Audio Production System

  • In addition to:
    Studer Dyaxis Digital Production system


  1. Blue Sky 6.5 Active Satellite/Sub 12 subwoofer w/Lucasfilm
    THX pm3 5.1 system
    Auratones 5c
    EV Sentry 100A
    Genelec 1038
    Urei time aligned 811A with JBL sub-woofer
    Yamaha NS-10M


  1. Neumann M-49
    (2) Neumann U-47 Tube
    Neumann U-87
    Neumann 47 FET
    (4) Neumann KM-84
    Neumann TLM 170
    AKG C12 vr
    AKG C12 The Tube
    (3) Beyer M88N type C
    (4) Sennheiser 421
    Electrovoice RE-20
    (4) Shure SM-57
    (3) AKG 414 EB
    (3) PZM Realistic 33-1090
    Sony ECM-989
    AKG D-12E
    Audio Technica AT-813
    AKG D-100E
    Shure LP 300
    Unisphere 1
    AKG D224E
    ALTEC 684B
    Teac MM-100 Dynamic
    (2) Shure SM-81
    Sony ECM-21
    Sony ECM-989 Stereo
    AKG C451EB
    ISOMA Hypercardoid Lavlier
    Seinheiser MKH404
    Electrovoice RE-55
    AKG D112
    (2) Audix SCX 25 matched pair


  1. 7 ft. 4 in. Kawai Grand Piano
    Gretch Drum Kit
    Clapton/Terry Custom Leslie
    Martin D-12
    Emulator 2
    Fender Rhodes
    Yamaha DX-27
    LINN Electronic Drum
    Martin D-35 12 String Acoustic Guitar
    Timbales (Ludwig)
    Latin Percussion Bongos and various percussion instruments
    Tons of other toys



  • (Studio A) (4) Alesis M20 ADATs 32 tracks digital with CADI & meter bridge
    (Studio B) (3) Alesis M20 ADAT's 24 tracks digital with BRC
    Denon DN 2000F Dual CD
    Denon DCD-570 CD
    JH-110 1/2" 2 track analog
    MCI JH-16-24 track analog
    Alesis Masterlink 24/96 CD recorder
    Nakamachi-38 Cassette
    Nakamichi DMP-100 Digital Processor
    (3) Nakamichi MR-2 Cassette Recorders
    Otari MX5050 BQ11 4 track
    Panasonic 3800 DAT machines
    (2) Panasonic SV-3700 DAT
    Tascam BR 20 center track time code 2 track
    Tascam 35
    Technics CR-38 Cassette
    Technics SV-P100 Digital


  1. Adam Smith Zeta 3
    APHEX aural type C
    API mic pres & EQs rack
    Bedini 101-C BASE
    Black face LA-4
    BSS 4 channel compressor/de-esser
    Echoplate 2
    Eventide H3500
    Focurite Red 3
    Teletronix LA-2A
    Lexicon 480L
    Lexicon PCM-70
    Spectro Acoustic Stereo Graphic EQ
    Symetrix CL100
    Symetrix Dual Signal Gate
    Telefunken V72 2 channel mic preamp
    (5) Telefunken V672/2 mic preamps
    (2) Telefunken V376af mic preamps
    (1) Telefunken V372D mic preamp
    (2) Neve 33421 mic preamps
    Urei 1176-LNĀ 
    Urei LA4
    Valley Audio 730 Dynamap
    Wendel Jr.
    Yamaha EQ 6Q-1031
    Yamaha SPX 90
    Yamaha DPR-402


  1. JVC CR-665OU 3/4 Video Cassette Recorder RM-7OU
    Adam Smith Zeta 3
    Sony Beta Video Deck UVW-1800 with RM 450 remote
    Sony Monitors
    Denon DN2000
    Technics SL-D205 turntable
    Extensive music library and SFX services

  • 2nd FLOOR

  1. -MIDI & Dubbing room with Tascam 32 1/2 track & -remotes
    -EV BK-832 mixing board
    -patch bay
    -Yamaha power amps
    -Hitachi cassette decks
    -Panasonic 3700 DAT deck
    -DBX NR




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